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-----SINCE 1956 -----

Principal’s / Teacher in Charge's Message

I feel great pleasure to convey my message to the Teacher Educators and Teacher trainees of this institute where thousands of Teacher Trainees aspire to be true teachers so that they will be able to discharge their duties loyally and sincerely for all round development of human beings. Education liberates human beings from the shackles of ignorance, privation and misery. School curriculum therefore has to aim at enabling learners not only to acquire knowledge but also to develop understanding positive attitudes, values and habits conductive to the all-round development of their personality.
The teacher is the key person who can indicate all the required values in children. This task would become easier if the teacher through his personality, character and action sets an example before the students. The four pillars of education in the 21st century is learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning for live together. So the task of teacher is not too easy. But we should not halt at any moment. You all possess immense power of influencing the students. You can eradicate superstition, narrowness of mind and all the darkness of illiteracy.
Friends, we shake our hands together to rouse moral and spiritual values in the minds of students because we know without moral and spiritual value a country will be a nation without soul. We must keep in our mind, the message of Netaji – “Rouse yourselves, for life is short. This is the time to decide your future struggle, struggle, still I say”.